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January 2022

2021 English Creative writing

Pinnacles is an annual anthology of Hilton College boys’ creative writing, both poetry and prose. The 2021 edition includes an exciting new section: the top Grade 11 Extended Essay published for your reading admiration!  

ByPieter Boerssen

January 25, 2022

Matric Results 2021

Each year, our matrics set out to do themselves proud in their final exams.  The class of 2021 is no different.  Despite the interruptions of the Covid pandemic, our boys did themselves proud through their…

ByPieter Boerssen

January 19, 2022

Grey Matter Chatter

Re-imagining music An opportunity to reboot and re-imagine is perhaps the upside to an ongoing pandemic. In this edition of Grey Matter Chatter, David Orr, recently appointed to co-lead Hilton College’s Music Department, outlines a…

ByPieter Boerssen

January 1, 2022