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About Us

At Hilton College we lift up our hearts

To inspire men who lift up the hearts of others

Inspired to inspire.


Through the Gates

The Hilton College Story

Ours is a story inspired

A story founded by a vision to learn not simply to know, but to understand

To ask as much as to incline the ear

The Hilton College Story is found between the pages

Beyond the walls out in the wide-open spaces

It is not written by the scoreboard, but what happens on the field

Seen in unexpected places

In the art and the science

Always it is uniquely created, shaped and carved out

Finding the character hidden in the years

It’s in breaking bread with all men

Sharing adversity across shoulders

Picking up a brother, in triumph and defeat

It finds nothing in picking sides, but everything in fighting the good fight

Giving a voice to the silenced

Tipping the scales, turning the tides

Not for glory, but to glorify

Ours is a story told neither as a whisper, nor a shout

But as the song of Lifted Hearts

Seeking to give far more than ever was given

The Hilton College story is not one, but many

Connected through generations

Stories that have with humility, passed through these gates before

To inspire a story all of your very own.

Introducing Hilton College