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Old Hiltonians


Inspiring Connections

On the last day of the 1892 school year, when Hilton College was just 20 years old, a “gathering of masters and senior boys” established The Old Hiltonian Club. Some 130 years later, this unique alliance of Old Hiltonians has grown in number, stature and impact.

We are passionate about inspiring and facilitating real connections and friendships. Developing and nurturing strong, lifelong relationships is fundamental to who we are as Old Hiltonians.

We are not only steadfast in our quest to celebrate and commemorate our school’s illustrious past, but equally committed to ensuring its future is just as bright. We do this by giving back to the school that has given us so much.

Welcome to the club!

Anton Jooste
Chairman, Old Hiltonian Club


For a century-and-a-half,
generations of Hiltonians have
formed the deepest of friendships,
most lasting a lifetime.

For a century-and-a-half, generations
of Hiltonians have
formed the deepest of friendships,
most lasting a lifetime.

Network With Other Hiltonians

Hilton Ties is an online networking platform exclusively for Hiltonians, enabling connection, collaboration and mentorship within our richly resourced, diverse and unique community. Hilton Ties allows you to both reconnect with old classmates, as well as enabling you to utilise the trusted Old Hiltonian Club environment to expand your professional network.

Upcoming Events

Check out what’s on in Terms 1 & 2. Further information can be found on Hilton Ties.

Update Your Details

Please ensure that we have your up-to-date information and contact details.

Old Hiltonian Branches

With branches across South Africa and abroad, easily connect with Old Hiltonians in your area.

The Old Hiltonian Club

After leaving Hilton College, every boy in good standing is eligible to become a member of the Old Hiltonian Club.

The club has branches in cities around the world. It is responsible for organising and facilitating events, for and on behalf of, Old Hiltonians and the wider Hilton family.

The club works with the Hiltonian Society (a non-profit company which owns Hilton College), the Hilton College Endowment Foundation and the school for the greater good of the school and all its stakeholders. Combined, these entities make up the collective that is Hilton.

By virtue of their membership of the Hiltonian Society, Old Hiltonians are the owners of Hilton College.

Hilton College is an independent, full-boarding, all-boys secondary school, run on a day-to-day basis by its Headmaster and a body of senior staff members.

The Hilton College Endowment Foundation is a separate legal entity from the other organs of state and is responsible for the independent management of the school’s financial endowments.

Come Dine With Us

Join us for lunch in the dining hall on a weekday that suits you. It would be a joy to hear all about your time at Hilton College.
Please email Brett Armstrong at to make arrangements.

We look forward to hosting you.

Old Hiltonian Branches

The Old Hiltonian Club has branches in cities around the world. Find your nearest branch below.

Adam Oldfield (1999, Falcon)

Bongi Nsindane (2003, McKenzie)

Mark Hathorn (1987 PM, Churchill)

Southern Natal / Underberg
John Eustace (1994, Ellis) or

North Coast
Murray Beattie (2003, McKenzie)

David Heenan (1990, Ellis)

Western Cape
Myles Hoppe (1993, Churchill)

Garth Snyman (2000, Newnham)
United Kingdom
Simon Ellis (2009, Ellis)
United States of America
John Shorten (1983, McKenzie)
Simon Fish (1978, McKenzie)
John Drake (1983, Pearce)
New Zealand
New branch chair to be confirmed soon 

The Fleur-de-Lys Club

The Fleur-de-Lys Club is a members’ social venue overlooking the main cricket oval on the Hilton College campus. Hilton Old Boys and parents of current Hilton College boys are automatically Fleur-de-Lys members.


Old Hiltonian News

Read the latest news and commentary from the Old Hiltonian Club Chairman, Anton Jooste, and stay up to date with the Old Hiltonian community’s objectives, events, projects and causes.


Giving Back

Like any remarkable global educational institution, we require the financial support of our alumni and broader community to keep our school world-class, affordable, accessible and relevant.

Stay In Touch

Anton Jooste is the Chairman of the Old Hiltonian Club. In his capacity as chair, he is an ex officio member of the board of governors of The Hilton College Endowment Foundation.

Anton Jooste

Amanda Pistorius manages our alumni contact information and intelligence gathering. She is responsible for connecting over 13,000 Old Hiltonians and Friends of Hilton on our database.

Amanda Pistorius
Cell: +27 72 872 9357