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Old Hiltonians

Inspiring connections

On the last day of the 1892 school year, when Hilton College was just 20 years old, a “gathering of masters and senior boys” established The Old Hiltonian Club. Some 130 years later, this unique alliance of Old Hiltonians has grown in number, stature and impact.

With its unchanging vision to keep Hiltonians informed and enable Hilton College to keep aspiring to excellence, the first edition of The Hiltonian appeared in 1901 – a significant milestone for both the school and the club. Chronicling the events of the school year together with news of Old Hiltonians, The Hiltonian remains the premier publication of each Hilton year and still aims to fulfil the functions established at its inception.

Still today, our club is built on the same core values it has always sought to uphold:

Connecting one another. First and foremost, we are passionate about inspiring and facilitating real connections and friendships. Developing and nurturing strong, lifelong relationships is fundamental to who we are as Old Hiltonians.

Connecting the past, present and future. We are not only steadfast in our quest to celebrate and commemorate the school’s illustrious past, but equally committed to ensuring its future is just as bright. We do this by giving back to the school that has given us so much.

To this end, since the formation of the Hiltonian Society in 1927, ownership and control of the school has been transferred to a not-for-profit association comprised of Old Hiltonians dedicated to best sustaining and stewarding the college.

To harness the immense potential that Old Hiltonians hold, our board of governors continues to keep our values front and centre, whilst representing Hilton College’s highest interests. Together, we really are better.

Welcome to the club!

Yours sincerely,

Anton Jooste

Chairman, Old Hiltonian Club

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