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Adulthood – Connecting & Contributing


Inspiring connection & contribution

The Plan for Every Boy does not come to an end when a Hilton College boy’s school years are over. After matriculating, he officially becomes a citizen of the world, capable of making his own choices, and is equipped to make them wisely.

Whatever the story he writes for himself, whatever the myriad paths he may take – entrepreneur, corporate heavyweight, artist, sportsman, husband, father, global traveller, friend – our intention is for him to hold strong to the values he learned about here. And, as an Old Hiltonian, to remain a man of substance.

The first part of his journey as an old boy is to connect with the Hilton community.

Here he will find his peers, those who have gone before and are to follow him, and the families whose stories are intertwined with this place. Read more about the Old Hiltonians and how we stay connected through various events, gatherings and channels.

Imbued with sound values, the natural inclination as an Old Hiltonian is to leave a legacy.

Giving back is something we openly encourage. The immense privilege and opportunities we’ve been afforded by attending this great school come with the responsibility to create positive change in the world around us. This may mean opening a door for a boy to attend Hilton College. It may mean maintaining the greatness of our campus, preserving our Estate, or helping to raise the levels of teaching in underprivileged communities. Read about the work we’re doing to build our Hilton College Endowment Fund and the many meaningful ways you can contribute to it.