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Grade 12: Realise

Realising inspiration

Grade 12 is when boys become men

Boys are ready to transition to the next life stage – the ‘real’, wild world beckons – it’s so close, they can almost smell it. This final year will see him mature to live even more authentically, to make sound choices that could shape his early adult years. Some rebellion against the status quo – a deconstruction of the way things stand – is age-appropriate and welcome. The growth opportunity in this is to understand that deconstructing anything leaves a void. Rather than having those that follow him inherit that void, a Hilton boy must intentionally reconstruct another, better reality in its place – leaving a legacy.

Time to realise their future.

Matric boys must complete their applications for specific courses at local or international tertiary institutions, decide to take a gap year or further explore their career options.

No checking out early here.

Grade 12s at Hilton College finish strong. It’s important that every boy responsibly hands over to the next group of leaders and sets a good example. His final year at Hilton College is when he formalises his legacy to inspire those that follow through the gates of this remarkable school. His unique contribution plays a part in the evolution of the Hilton community.

Many ways to lead – and many kinds of leaders.

There are no prefects at Hilton. Apart from our Head of School, Deputy Head of School and Heads of Houses, we have Heads of Portfolios (Academics, Culture, Sport, Sustainability and the Environment, Community, Transformation and Spirituality). The range of school-wide portfolios allows grade 12s to play to their strengths and passions. Each boy indicates his portfolio preferences and plans for what he wants to achieve within them. Portfolio leader or not, every grade 12 sits on a portfolio committee in partnership with the relevant staff heads of department. This way, the matrics influence everything that happens at the school and have the opportunity to motivate for positive change. Matrics can also serve as house dormitory leaders.

Inspired to inspire.

Every grade 12 mentors a grade 8, helping our new boys settle more easily into their first Hilton year. This system instils a healthy and mutually beneficial hierarchy. It allows the older boys to stretch into nurturing and gentleness in a hands-on leadership role. It develops emotional intelligence and compassion in our older boys, better preparing them to be excellent husbands and fathers one day. The expectation is that even after he matriculates, every matric will stay in touch with their mentee to make sure he thrives in his school career; a golden opportunity for our grade 12s to become inspirers.

Coming of age means joining a unique league of gentlemen.

Matriculating doesn’t mark the end of a Hilton boy’s involvement and influence in the school. Grade 12s are introduced to their imminent role as Old Hiltonians and are inducted as lifelong members of the Hiltonian Society – which effectively owns the school.

Matric comes with some old-school privileges.

With the emphasis firmly on earned privilege, not entitlement, grade 12s alone may bike to breakfast, have their very own room and walk across the lawns. Grade 12s must earn respect through who they are, not what they impose on others.

Standing up and taking the stage.

Wonderful milestones in grade 12 include the matric dance, the chance to lead the war-cries at the legendary and extraordinary Hilton/Michaelhouse sports matches, Leavers Dinners, the Leavers chapel service and Tie Ceremonies.