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Enrolment Team

Meet our team

Besides the friendly security guards at the McKenzie Gates and the grinning Hilton boys who wave at you as you drive past, Vuyi is the first person you’ll meet at Hilton College. Her warm smile has welcomed countless prospective families to our school. A true “people person” inspired by connection, she loves meeting new families. Vuyi has a great relationship with the boys at Hilton. You’ll often find a bunch of boys crowded around her desk at tea-time and after school, talking to her about almost anything!  She is a valued member of the Hilton College family. As well as manning the Reception desk, Vuyi coordinates transport for our staff and boys. Contact Vuyi at or or +27 33 383 0100.

Kirsty joined our team after living abroad for almost 20 years, previously heading up the busy admissions department of a prestigious international school in Singapore. Kirsty’s family was still living overseas when her son joined Hilton College, so she has a keen empathy for families contemplating boarding school for their sons. Inspired by travel, Kirsty spends a large part of her time connecting with prospective families across South Africa and other parts of the world. She’s a firm believer in everything that Hilton College stands for – her passion for the school is contagious!  Kirsty is your first port of call if you have any questions about the enrolment process. Reach her at or +27 82 557 1280.

Trish has been a loyal and valuable team member for over a decade.  Not only is she the mum of three grown-up boys, but she is also a doting grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren who continue to inspire her. Trish completely understands how hard it can be making big decisions about what’s best for your children. She’ll help make the administrative process as smooth as possible for you, and will also arrange your visits to the school.  Get in touch with her at or +27 33 383 0100.  Please also let her know if you need to update your contact details.

A long-standing member of our marketing team, Maralyn joined Hilton College a decade and a half ago and is passionate about the school. She is inspired every time she watches another slightly nervous, somewhat uncertain grade 8 boy flourish into a confident yet humble grade 12 gentleman, ready to take on the world! Maralyn guides new families through the onboarding process and supports them during the years their boys are with us. Reach her at or +27 82 573 0221.

A few years ago, Pete had no idea he’d end up working at Hilton College – but after meeting a unique headmaster, enthused staff and inspired boys he became desperate to be part of the next chapter in Hilton’s remarkable journey.  He hasn’t encountered any educational institution in the world that gives boys the range of experiences and perspectives that Hilton College does. For boys to fully take advantage of these opportunities, Pete believes that the value and characters of the school must match those of the prospective Hilton boy and his family.  As a father of two boys himself, he knows that all young people are unique and what is right for one, may not be right for another.  So you won’t hear him sell the virtues of the school, but rather tell the Hilton story and give you a sense of the place.  Feel free to get in touch with him any time if you want to know who we are as a school and where we’re headed: or +27 66 302 3869.