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Grade 7: Induct

Initiating into inspiration

Now is when the transition from introduction to induction happens. 

We open the McKenzie Gates to your son during his grade 7 year.

We invite prospective boys to an inspirational Sports Camp in January of grade 7. We also have our immersive New Boys Weekend, hosting your son overnight on campus while you attend information sessions on both days. Our intention is to expose you to things you mightn’t yet know about our school, with the strong possibility that your son may soon be enrolled.

By the February of his grade 7 year, we want families to have a clear sense of whether Hilton College is the right place for both them and their son.  You should be in a position to make a confident decision by April of grade 7 when we make our offers of place.


A lot of personalised planning and preparation happens ahead of your boy’s arrival in grade 8.

Upon your acceptance of a place for your son at Hilton College, his induction journey continues in earnest. Between May and December, we arrange several high-level meetings between families and our team of staff to discuss next steps. We also need to understand how we can build his confidence or help with any barriers to learning if needed.

When you visit us for your son’s in-person uniform fitting towards the end of grade 7, his Housemaster will spend time with him, and he will get to know his grade 12 mentor.