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Matric Results 2021

Hilton College commends the matric class of 2021

Each year, our matrics set out to do themselves proud in their final exams.  The class of 2021 is no different.  Despite the interruptions of the Covid pandemic, our boys did themselves proud through their determination to catch up on time lost and to apply themselves to the task at hand.  

Hilton College is proud to announce that the matric class of 2021 achieved a 100% pass rate, with 98% of boys being awarded university-entry passes. This is an improvement on the school’s results in 2020, when 96% of matriculants met the requirements to study for a Bachelor’s degree.

Scoring nine As each, Richard Karlson is Hilton College’s Scholar of the Year, and Jonathan le Roux is our Proxime Accessit. Both were included on the Independent Examinations Board’s Outstanding Achievement list.

Almost a third of Hilton College boys who wrote the National Senior Certificate examinations achieved three or more distinctions, while 80% of all symbols achieved were As, Bs and Cs. “We are particularly proud of these successes and the progress made by the class of 2021 as a whole,” says headmaster George Harris.

“At Hilton College, we aim for excellence in all spheres of learning, and achieving distinctions is not the only measure of academic excellence. We believe that excellence is the attainment of a boy’s personal best: it is the upward trajectory of his intellectual and personal development through his high school career and into manhood.  The class of 2021 continued to improve upon their results year on year, and this is cause for celebration.

“We encourage a growth mindset and seek to instil in our boys a sense of curiosity and a life-long love of learning. Every year and in many ways, we celebrate the effort made by all of our teachers and boys as they persevere to grow into the best versions of themselves.”

Hilton College matric results at a glance:

– 110 candidates
– 100% pass rate, 98% Bachelor’s degree pass
– 215 distinctions in total (average of 1.95 distinctions per candidate)
– 35 candidates achieved three distinctions or more
– In five subjects (Dramatic Arts, Information Technology, Life Orientation, Music and Mandarin) a C-symbol (60%) was the lowest mark achieved.

Several of our boys were among the top 1% of achievers in their subjects nationally. Those who scored between 96% and 99% are:

  • Richard Karlson for Economics (99%), Information Technology (98%), Mathematics (98%) and Physical Sciences (96%);
  • Jonathan Le Roux for Mathematics (98%) and Accounting (96%);
  • David Kitshoff for Mathematics (99%);
  • Andrew Meyer for Economics (99%);
  • Zaid Ismail for Economics (97%); and
  • Matthew Dalrymple for Economics (96%).

We’re also proud of the 31 boys who overcame major barriers to learning to achieve a solid matric pass.

Two Hilton College boys were cited on the IEB’s Outstanding Achievement list. This is the highest recognition of achievement in the IEB examinations: to be placed on this list, candidates need to be in the top 5% in six or more subjects and achieve 80% or more in Life Orientation.

Boys who achieved three distinctions or more:


  • Jonathan le Roux
  • Richard Karlson


  • Andile Khumalo


  • Zaid Ismail
  • Andrew Meyer


  • David Kitshoff


  • Simile Cele
  • Matthew Dalrymple
  • Alec Gibson
  • Nicholas Hatton
  • Angus Herridge
  • Jack MacKenzie


  • Greg Armstrong
  • Kgwanti Bilankulu
  • Matthew Boast
  • Muhammad Girdhurparsadh
  • Sebastian de Vesci Guimaraens
  • Luke Hitchings
  • Michael Mackenzie
  • Joshua Mansour
  • Nhlakanipho Mntambo
  • Yenziwa Nzuza
  • Jannes Potgieter
  • James te Riele


  • Jake Cavalieri
  • Craig Davidson
  • Aedan Dicks
  • Darren Liu
  • Mvelo Mageba
  • Vuyo Malinga
  • Taddeo Sithole
  • Joubert Smit
  • Leevan Vather
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Craig Yammin


Grade 11s excel at A-Levels

Last year, Hilton College enhanced its offering with the launch of the A-Levels programme, giving boys the choice between A-Levels and the IEB pathways from Grade 11. Last year, the school’s first cohort of Grade 11 learners achieved their AS-Levels (the first year of A-Levels).

“Our congratulations go to Felix Jenkins, who scored 99% for AS-Level Mathematics. This is particularly impressive given that the criteria for achieving an A grade in this examination is 88%, placing Felix among the top AS-Level mathematicians in the world.”

For the Cambridge International Project Qualification research essay (which is open to both IEB and A-Level learners), six Hilton College boys achieved A* grades, the highest possible grade, and four boys achieved A grades.

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