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Enrolment Dates

Enrolment timeline

As the first step in the process, you need to register online so that you and your son are on our database. This can be done anytime from your son’s birth onwards but we recommend that you do this no later than the beginning of his grade 6 year.

An 18-month enrolment process will start in your son’s grade 6 year.

Because Hilton College is a special place offering a unique experience, your boy must be confident that Hilton is the place for him. We must be sure that he and you, his parents, are equipped to make an informed decision by April of his grade 7 year. To support your family in getting to that point, we make every effort get to know you, and allow you the opportunity to get to know us. We encourage you to spend as much time as possible with us to understand our school and everything we believe in. You’ll have opportunities to visit our beautiful campus and your son can even stay overnight, enjoy a relaxed yet informative school tour and chat to our inspiring faculty, support staff and most importantly, our boys.


We, as a school, and prospective families must both ask, is Hilton College the right environment for this boy?

The Hilton College experience is not a five-year journey. It’s a lifetime of inspiration and empowerment for every member of our supportive community.

Below is a brief outline of the 2025 enrolment process:

STEP 1 Get Started
1. Apply online.
2. Fill in and submit the information form that we send to you, along with your son’s school reports and a family photo. Please email this to Trish on
3. Download the Hilton College app. We’ll send you the password.
4. Schedule a time for your family to meet with us, online or in person, during term time. Please email Trish on
STEP 2 Explore Hilton College
Choose ONE of these three options:
1. Request a personal tour before or after your family meets with us. Please email Thuthu on
2. Attend our Welcome Day on 4 February 2024. Please book using our app.
3. Arrange a tailored tour for your family, including a meeting with our headmaster and a trip to our nature reserve. Boys can enjoy a sleepover in one of our boarding houses after the tour. You’ll need to arrange for at least four other families with Grade 6 boys to join you. Book by emailing Thuthu on
STEP 3 New Boys Weekend – Compulsory
22 – 23 March 2024
Designed for families who have a strong sense that Hilton College is their high school choice, this weekend is one of the final steps of the enrolment process and can be a first step in the induction process. Boys will stay in a boarding house, and parents are invited to informative sessions and lunches. RSVP through the school app.
OFFERS OF PLACE February 2024: Offers of place are made to sons of Old Hiltonians and siblings of Hilton boys.
April 2024: Merit awards, financial assistance, and general place offers are made.


Feel free to contact anyone on our team if you have any questions or need any help at all. We look forward to meeting you and your son and joining you on this exciting journey!