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Giving Back

A Legacy of Generosity

Like many institutions of its kind, Hilton College is reliant on the financial support of our alumni and broader community to keep our school world-class and relevant.

Thankfully, generations of Old Hiltonians, moved by their life-changing years at this school, together with our community of families and friends, have built a significant Hilton College legacy.

Every donation we receive is converted into powerful, tangible change – for individuals, our school, the natural world and for the local communities around us.


My greatest joy in all this is that it belongs to us; that it is a gift, in trust, from the Old Boys. It is a trust that you and I must honour. It is a gift that we must keep safe. We can do that by giving; by building up an endowment fund that will make it completely safe and independent for posterity.
– W.A. “WAC” Campbell, Old Hiltonian and Benefactor

How You Can Make A Difference

We welcome donations to any of the four main causes we advance. In addition, we gratefully accept donations towards any project that doesn’t specifically fit into any of these categories.

The Lift Up Your Hearts Fund

As a school that embraces diversity, we aim to attract and, if necessary, support boys from diverse backgrounds. To create a rich experience for all Hilton boys, it’s essential that we have representation across different socio-economic groups, geographic areas and cultures.

The Lift Up Your Hearts Fund grants financial aid (bursaries and scholarships) to boys of families for whom our school fees are out of reach. This includes the sons of Old Hiltonians.

The Pinnacles Fund

Our school has magnificent grounds and amenities, including a 450-seater theatre, state-of-the-art music centre, museum, and enviable sporting facilities, set on a 1,600-hectare property, which is arguably beyond compare. These assets contribute to the exceptional and unique learning experience we offer our boys.

To remain a pre-eminent school, we must maintain our campus and build new facilities when required. The Pinnacles Fund supports the upkeep of our school campus and funds new infrastructure projects.

The uMngeni Fund

Generations of Hiltonians fondly remember exploring the Gwens Valley with its beautiful waterfalls, tubing down the uMngeni River, or spending lazy days at Pinnacles or Rolling Stones. Our estate and nature reserve have cultivated in our boys a deep appreciation for wildlife and conservation. In this time of climate change and environmental degradation, our estate offers a unique educational experience.

The uMngeni Fund supports the maintenance of our estate and funds conservation and educational environmental community projects

The Vula Fund

The Vula Programme is the Hiltonian Society’s community service initiative, created to raise the teaching standard of high school mathematics and physical science at schools in disadvantaged communities. The only organisation of its kind in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, it has a reputation for delivering relevant, meaningful and cost-effective educational interventions and development opportunities since 2001.

The Vula Fund supports modern technologies, innovative teaching methods and experienced facilitators that bring about positive social change.

Ways To Give Back

Old Hiltonians, parents and friends can support Hilton College in many ways. In addition to the four funds detailed above, ways to give back include legacy gifts in the form of bequests, the donation of shares, and other fundraising projects and ways to support our school.

When giving, you decide which fund to support, the value and frequency of your donation, and whether or not you want to give anonymously. We also welcome donations towards any cause that means a lot to you.

By donating to Hilton College, you may derive a tax benefit. The Hiltonian Society and the Hilton College Endowment Foundation both qualify to issue Section 18A tax certificates under the South African Income Tax Act. The UK, USA and Canada offer similar tax-deductible incentives.

To find out more about this, please get in touch with the Advancement Team via

Whichever way you choose to give back, your generosity is appreciated.

You can make your donation by EFT, debit order, or through our secure online payment form. If you want to make a recurring payment (locally or internationally), we support Mastercard and Visa credit cards. Click below to support us today.

If you’d like to make a substantial donation towards any of the four funds, or towards any need the school may have, please email

As your company grows from strength to strength, our foundation could benefit from capital appreciation and dividend distributions. Consider donating shares in your public or private company to the Hilton College Endowment Foundation. For tax benefits, you can only deduct public shares that you donate (not private shares).

Ensure your legacy lives on to benefit Hilton College and its learners for decades to come. A bequest is a specific provision in your will directing certain assets in your estate to a beneficiary. Also known as a planned or deferred gift, a bequest allows you to enjoy your assets in your lifetime but share their benefits once you pass on.

Joining our Cattle Project by sponsoring an ox is an excellent way to support your alma mater. It’s also fun to watch the estate management team expertly caring for your ox – and stand the chance to win the grand annual prize and trophy! Launched in 2009 with the donation of 40 oxen, our cattle project has contributed significantly to the Hilton farm and endowment fund, which in turn contributes to the Lift Up Your Hearts Fund offering financial aid to families of boys who can’t afford our fees. We’ve converted all our maize lands to Kikuyu pasture and increased our carrying capacity to between 700 and 850 oxen per season. This growth has happened through weaner sponsorship and the reinvestment of project profits.

Created as a mechanism to give back to the school, the Hiltonian Travel Service pays a percentage of its profits to the Hiltonian Society Bursary Fund. The Hiltonian Travel Service was conceived of by Old Hiltonian Craig Goodenough (1988, Churchill), the owner of XL Howick Travel and Bundu Bashers. Since 2012, staff, parents of Hilton boys, and Old Hiltonians have supported The Hiltonian Travel Service by entrusting to it their travel arrangements. They have enjoyed competitive prices, excellent service, and the satisfaction of contributing to our school’s bursary fund.

You can reach Craig Goodenough on:
Tel: +27 33 330 6176 or

Building the Hilton College Legacy Together

We flourish today thanks to the generosity of the Hilton College community.

Your Impact

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Thank You

We are grateful for all the support we receive. Each and every donation contributes to our ongoing legacy and vision as a school that lifts up others, and in so doing, inspires future generations to do the same.

In recognition of those who have extended their support, we publish the names of benefactors in The Hiltonian magazine every year.

We recently established the 1872 Society for benefactors who have contributed substantially to Hilton College. Admission to this prestigious group is by invitation of the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Hiltonian Society.

Contact Information

If you are considering giving back to Hilton College, please contact us with any queries or to request further information.

Peter Storrar
Director of Advancement

Cell: +27 66 302 3869

Amanda Pistorius
Alumni & Donor Relations

Cell: +27 72 872 9357