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Is Hilton College the right school for your son?

Hilton College exists to inspire every boy to inspire others. Being an extraordinary school, this experience may not be for everyone. To be inspired to get the greatest possible value out of his five years of schooling (and way beyond), the fit between boy and school is very important. There’s a long-held perception that boarding school is best for extroverts, but that is simply not true. We’ve had countless introverts who’ve thrived here.

So what type of boys do we best inspire? Two characteristics make for a natural match:

  1. Enthusiasm. Having innate keenness and excitement means you’ll embrace this place and everything it has to offer.
  2. Openness. Having curiosity, a sense of adventure and a willingness to leave your comfort zone means you’re open to growing.

To find out why we’re driven to inspire boys, read The Hilton Story. To learn exactly how we inspire our boys, read our grade-by-grade inspirational journey at Life@Hilton.

Scholarships & financial help

For many South African families, our fees may be beyond reach. We’re working harder than ever to make it possible for boys from all socio-economic backgrounds to benefit from our remarkable offering.

We’re actively building our endowment fund to make our school more accessible to the right families, and providing funding to as many boys as we can.

Financial assistance

We aim to help families who aren’t able to afford Hilton College’s fees. To qualify for financial assistance, your family must have values that align with our school’s values. The amount we contribute depends on your family’s unique financial circumstances.


We typically grant Merit Awards (scholarships) to boys who excel in sport, academics or music, and who share the values of Hilton College. It’s a complex process determining the value of the award. We look at many factors – not only the boy’s character and ability, but also the family’s financial position and circumstances.

The amount we offer is a private arrangement between us and the parents. We ask parents not to share the value of this award with their son, or anyone else, as it isn’t a measure of a boy’s ‘worth’.