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Inspiring a richly fulfilling inner life

The Spirit gives life and so our spirituality should be life-giving (“breath” and “spirit” are the same word in Hebrew, Greek and Latin). We believe the spirituality lived by and offered in Christ is life-giving.

A life-giving spirituality is relational

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

The God revealed in Christ is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – a holy community. When we talk of Hilton as a “brotherhood” we envisage trusting and authentic relationships amongst boys and between teachers and boys. Our current generation of young people are considered “the most socially connected and yet the most emotionally lonely”. We seek a spirituality that liberates boys to be their true selves, knowing they are loved and accepted.

 A life-giving spirituality integrates the whole of life

A life-giving spirituality infuses all of life. Our spirituality is re-energised and re-orientated in the chapel, but it is not confined to the sanctuary. At Hilton we aim to help young men live out a life-giving spirituality in academics, art, culture, sport, in the dormitory and on outreach. In doing so, we remain true to our motto “Orando et Laborando” (by praying and by working).

Our school hymn gives expression to this desire:

Lift every gift that thou thyself hast given;
low lies the best till lifted up to Heaven;
low lie the bounding heart, the teeming brain,
till, sent from God, they mount to God again

A life-giving spirituality is generous

“…enlarge it with a wider usefulness, and exalt it in the love and reverence of all its members as an instrument of Thy glory” – Hilton College school prayer

A life-giving spirituality is generous. We are mindful that “from everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48). Hilton College is blessed with abundant resources and gifted people. We hope to grow in sharing those blessings with the wider community. Our prayer is that community service becomes an integral part of our shared identity, as much a source of pride as our major rugby derbies. In this way our “wider usefulness” will be enlarged.

A life-giving spirituality is hospitable

A life-giving spirituality practices hospitality. We are inter-denominational. We welcome families of other faiths. We seek to share the gifts of our own faith with people on different spiritual journeys.

A life-giving spirituality is adventurous

The Spirit sent Jesus into the wilderness to be tested. We understand that to grow in the grit required to live out the above ideals we must adventure beyond our comfort zones. The Hilton Outdoor Leadership Experience, especially the Grade 10 Journey, is designed to do just that.

A life-giving spirituality is dependent upon God’s grace.

The aspirations above are ambitious. We are deeply conscious of our dependence on God’s grace. A life-giving spirituality will be honest in acknowledging shortcomings and humble in receiving help.

Sean McGuigan, Chaplain

Hilton College is a Christian school, inspired by the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

We take his call to “love our neighbour as ourselves” seriously: With our non-denominational nature and respect for people of all faiths, our intention is for every boy to feel at home and safe to develop spiritually.

Faith is deeply personal and we encourage every boy to explore it.

Spiritual life isn’t limited to the weekly times allocated to being in a place of worship. We grow spiritually in the daily experience of connecting with God. It liberates us by bringing us the deepest knowable peace and comfort.

Watch Hlumelo Notshe describing his experience of our Inward Bound camp, which allows boys to contemplate their faith


  • We have two Chapel services a week. One during the week, and the other held every Sunday.
  • All our Outdoor Leadership Experiences have a spiritual component for boys to process their feelings around faith in a quiet environment.
  • Our Inward Bound Camp is a getaway in nature designed to allow boys to contemplate their faith.
  • Religious Studies forms part of our curriculum.