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Grade 6: Introduce

Introducing inspiration

Your understanding of the Hilton College journey starts now.

We equip your family to make an informed decision.

A boy’s Hilton experience doesn’t last just five years – it’s an 80-year journey. Sending your son to Hilton is a big decision, which is why we start the enrolment process earlier than most independent schools. We give you and your son time to fully understand what we’re about and to think about whether this is the right environment for him.

Everything we do at Hilton is geared to inspire boys to inspire others.

A Hilton boy doesn’t need to be the strongest academic, musician or sportsman; there are other qualities that make for a natural fit. That’s why we’ve designed our enrolment process to encourage families to consider whether their son will thrive here and to allow us to advise them if we see the particular fit mightn’t work. We do this because you and your son need to feel confident that the choice is right. Find out which boys do well at Hilton College.

You can register your boy any time from his birth onwards. The process of making the final decision to enrol him takes more than a year.

The Plan for Every Hilton Boy starts at the beginning of his grade 6 year.

This is when we introduce our unique school to your son and family and get to know you personally. If you’ve registered your son, we’ll send you a detailed roadmap of the events and milestones leading up to enrolment.

During his grade 6 year, we create opportunities for your boy to get a feel for what it would be like to be here.

We invite him and you to have an in-person conversation with us, to help us get to know each other. This is an opportunity for your family to ask us any questions about our thinking and the way we do things. Also on the calendar towards the end of the year is the MasterClass weekend. Prospective boys experience learning the Hilton way and camp out in our nature reserve on our Estate .

About a third of applicants are siblings or sons of old boys.

While they’re already familiar with Hilton College, this introductory process is also important for them. As we’re always evolving, the process updates these families on our 21st-century philosophies and any changes that may have been made since their time at Hilton.