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A letter to Old Hiltonians


A letter to Old Hiltonians - Q1 / 2022

Hilton College was born out of a friendship, a friendship between William Orde Newnham and Gould Arthur Lucas, introduced by fate over 150 years ago. Friendships are an innately human characteristic, and for a century-and-a-half…

ByAmanda Pistorius

February 1, 2023

A letter to Old Hiltonians - Q3 / 2020

Pinnacles, Gwens, Wheelbarrows, Rolling Stones, Ledges, Beacons, Teapots, Big Rock, Haunted House and Clumps are famous names that invoke nostalgia amongst Hiltonians, reminding them of the happiest of days. The Estate, as it is known…

ByPieter Boerssen

July 1, 2020