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Matric Results 2022

Class of 2022 produces excellent matric results

Hilton College is proud of the outstanding results produced by our 2022 matric learners. The class of 2022 achieved a 100% pass rate and several boys achieved exceptional results.

Of the school’s 113 matric candidates, 87 wrote the IEB examinations and 26 sat the full Cambridge A Levels. Since 2021, Hilton College boys have had the choice of pursuing either curriculum. Learners choose a pathway based on their unique learning needs and career aspirations. This offering is in keeping with a plan for every boy, which distinguishes Hilton College from other independent boys’ schools.

Hilton College is not an academically selective school. “Boys are accepted on the basis of character, which we believe trumps performance in academics and other traditional metrics,” says headmaster George Harris. “A plan for every boy is the discovery and outworking of each boy’s unique gifting and aspirations, setting him up to know himself and make his mark in the world.”

Hilton College is proud of all its matriculants, especially those with significant barriers to learning who have obtained university-entrance passes; 99% of Hilton’s 2022 matriculants earned Bachelor’s degree-entry passes.

Mrs Hanlie Dry, the director of academics at Hilton College, says the class of 2022 has shown great perseverance, achieving 2.43 A symbols per learner in finals, showing their commitment to academic excellence. “Eighty-four percent of all symbols achieved were a C symbol or higher,” Dry says.

Hilton College produced its first cohort of A-Level graduates in 2022. More than 80% of the symbols achieved by these candidates ranged from a C to an A* (scoring in the top 10% in the world). On average, our candidates earned one distinction for at least one of their three subjects. “Each of the candidates has secured a place at either a top South African university or an international university,” says Alexei du Bois, the director of international learning at Hilton College.

Many Hilton College matriculants in both IEB and A Level pathways have already received provisional acceptance into some of the best universities locally and abroad, including Stellenbosch, UCT, Wits, Pretoria, Trinity College (Ireland), Edinburgh, (UK), Bristol (UK), St Andrew’s (UK), Berkley (USA), Brown (USA), Sydney (Australia) and Melbourne (Australia). “We wish those students who are being interviewed by Harvard, Cambridge and other prestigious universities the best with finalising their applications,” says Harris.

Hilton College IEB Scholar of the Year was Tanner Bailey who achieved eight distinctions and an average of 92%. The Proxime Accessit was Thomas Roy, who achieved seven distinctions and an average of 89%. Christopher Bagnall, after achieving a run-away 17-stroke victory in the SA Schools Golf Interprovincial Strokeplay Competition, went on to achieve eight distinctions in his final IEB exams, with an average of 88%. Hilton College A-Level Scholar of the Year was Felix Jenkins who achieved A*, A, A grades at A Level.

Tanner Bailey and Tristan Paton featured on the IEB’s Commendable Achievers list, for results placing them in the top 5% in five subjects and for achieving an A symbol in Life Orientation. “This is indeed commendable, and these young men are to be congratulated,” Harris says.

Seven Hilton College boys achieved in the top 1% in the country in one of six subjects (Afrikaans, Economics, English, Geography, Life Orientation or Physical Sciences), with the exception of Tanner Bailey who scored in the top 1% in three subjects (Economics, English and Physical Sciences).

IEB results in summary:
– 87 candidates
– 100% pass rate, 99% Bachelor’s degree pass
– An average of 2.4 distinctions per candidate
– 28% of candidates received four distinctions
– 39% of candidates achieved three distinctions or more
– 84% of symbols achieved were a C or higher

A-Level results in summary:
– 26 candidates
– 100% pass rate for university entry
– All candidates have secured acceptances at top local and international universities

Top Achievers: IEB
Please note:
A distinction is an A symbol (mark of 80% and up)
An asterisk denotes a mark of 90% and higher
† denotes that the candidate’s mark places him in the top 1% in the country in a subject

8 Distinctions
1. Christopher Bagnall (Afr, Eng†*, Eco*, Geo, His*, LO, Math, Phy Sci)
2. Tanner Bailey (Afr*, Eng†*, Eco†*, French*, LO, Math*, FMath, Phy Sci†*) IEB Commendable Achiever

7 Distinctions
1. Vumi Mbokota (Eco*, Eng, isiZulu FAL, LO, Life Sci, Math, Phy Sci)
2. Flynn Newell (Eco, Eng, LO*, Math*, Phy Sci*, VA, FMath*)
3. Tristan Paton (Acc*, Afr, Eco*, Eng, Geo†*, LO*, Math) IEB Commendable Achiever
4. Matt Rout (Afr, Eco†*, Eng, LO, Life Sci, Math*, Phy Sci)
5. Thomas Roy (Afr, Eco*, Eng, His, LO, Math*, Phy Sci)
6. Roelf van der Merwe (Afr, Eco, Eng, LO*, Life Sci, Math*, Phy Sci)
7. Zack van Niekerk (Afr†*, Eco*, Eng, IT, LO, Math, Phy Sci)

6 Distinctions
1. Michàl de Beer (Afr*, Eco, Eng, Life Sci, Math, Phy Sci)
2. Justin Green (Eco*, IT*, LO, Math*, Phy Sci†*, FMath*)
3. Christopher Harty (Eco*, Eng, His*, LO, Life Sci, Math)
4. Oliver Lello (Acc, Eng, LO*, Life Sci, Math, Phy Sci)

5 Distinctions
1. Murray Dahl (Eco, Eng, Geo, His, LO)
2. Kwame Huyberechts (Eco, Eng, French*, His*, LO)
3. Travis Lord (Drama, Eco, Eng, His, LO)
4. Callum Lupton-Smith (Eco*, LO*, Life Sci, Math*, Phy Sci*)
5. Connor Paton (IT*, LO, Life Sci, Math, Phy Sci*)
6. Benjamin Watt (Eco, Geo, LO, Math, Phy Sci)

4 Distinctions
1. Jake Carstens (Eco, LO, Math, Phys Sci)
2. Thomas Haynes (Eco, Eng, His, LO)
3. Nicholas Hirschowitz (Eco*, Life Sci, LO, Math)
4. Andrew Moravec (Eco, His, LO, Life Sci)
5. Ross Taylor (Drama*, Eng, His, LO)

3 Distinctions
1. Chukwuemeka Ezenwugo (Eco, LO, Further Eng)
2. Ashton Haslam (Eng, His, LO)
3. Olwethu Kweyama (Drama, His, isiZulu FAL*)
4. Adolf Lűderitz (Afr, Eco, LO)
5. Mophethe Malie (Eco, His, LO)
6. Risimati Mkhabela (Eco, His, LO)
7. Zavier Rey (Acc, Eco, LO)
8. Matthew Sara (LO, Life Sci, Math Lit)
9. Marumo Selane (Eco, His, LO)
10. Jack Waterhouse (Eco, His, LO†*)
11. Adam Wesselink (Eco, LO, VA)

Subjects: Accounting (Acc), Afrikaans (Afr), Drama, Economics (Eco), English (Eng), Engineering Graphics & Design (EGAD), French, Further Studies Mathematics, formerly known as AP Maths (FMath), Geography (Geo), History (His), Information Technology (IT), isiZulu First Additional Language (isiZulu FAL), Life Orientation (LO), Life Science (Life Sci), Mathematics (Math), Mathematical Literacy (Maths Lit), Music, Physical Science (Phy Sci), Visual Art (VA).

Top Achievers: A Levels
Felix Jenkins: Thinking Skills (A*), Mathematics (A), Economics (A)
Cameron Gray: History (A), Economics (A), English Literature (A)
Kristofer Watt: English Literature (A), Economics (A), Mathematics (B)
Declan Sawyer: Accounting (A*), Mathematics (B), History (C)
Ross Short: Physics (A*), Accounting (B), Mathematics (C)
Ayaan Jakhura: Physics (A), Mathematics (A), Biology (C)
Newo Munyai: Physics (A), Economics (B), Mathematics (B)
Ryan Basson: Economics (A), Accounting (B), Mathematics (C)

Five of our A-Level candidates achieved marks in the top 10% or higher globally in at least one of their A-Level subjects. Among them were Angus Loughor-Clarke for Geography, Declan Sawyer for Accounting, and Ross Short for Physics.

According to the Stellenbosch University benchmark test:
An A-Level A* is equal to 95% in the same subject at IEB;
An A-Level A is equal to 90% in the same subject at IEB;
An A-Level B is equal to 85% in the same subject at IEB;
An A-Level C is equal to 80% in the same subject at IEB.

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