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A letter from The Head – 16 June 2022

16 June 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,


A chapter in my dream of a utopian educational experience for all South Africans is that schools in every community function as lighthouses; lighthouses signal hope for those at sea, standing tall and shining brightly – beacons, steadfast and certain.

The idea of schools cultivating hope and engendering promise for their pupils and for the community they serve should be a part of the purpose of every school. A place of learning is by its very nature an uplifting and an encouraging community.

Given all our societal ills, if we could only achieve this then perhaps other aspects of our communal living and broad societal goals would begin to look possible.

The 16th of June 1976 marks a moment when young people in South Africa stood up against an oppressive regime. It must be remembered to remind us of the criminality of oppression and of the injustice that befell the majority of our people. I’m sure my words fall short of the gravity of the reality of those who lived this experience.

Sadly, a great schooling experience remains elusive to most young people in our country. It is a travesty. I remain hopeful that one day I could write a different story, one which celebrates many great schools of significance in many communities across our beautiful land: many lighthouses.

This past term, in particular, has demonstrated how much of a lighthouse Hilton College is and can indeed continue to be into the future. A community of boys, parents and staff who celebrate the rich tapestry of the lives we have been gifted to live; the camaraderie, the jubilation, the tears, the daily grind and sometimes the
highs of success and fun.

This term we have enjoyed the 150th celebrations, a spectacular production of Joseph in collaboration with St Annes, an unprecedented run of results for many of our winter sports teams – in particular, our 1st hockey and rugby – a terrific celebration of our musical talent in a concert with St Mary’s DSG, an extraordinary Two Choirs and Two Organs concert with the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir and the promise of a memorable concert with Michaelhouse this evening – aptly Youth Day.

All these memorable events only happen through the dedication of a collection of people who live their professional lives in service of the boys who attend this great school.

I salute the boys and staff of this great school and thank them all for making this experience what it is. I thank you, our parents, for your ongoing support as you make it possible for your boys to have a schooling experience that sets them up for a future of providence.

Exceptional schools do exceptional things regularly. I believe our school does this and it is a privilege to be a part of such a place.

Enjoy the holiday with your son.

Kind regards,

George Harris

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