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Matric Results 2019

Congratulations to our Class of 2019

Hilton College would like to congratulate all our 2019 matriculants on their outstanding results. Academic learning continues to be Hilton’s top priority and we are delighted that we are achieving consistently strong matric results. For the second year running, we have achieved an average of more than two distinctions per scholar, with a 96.4% Bachelor’s Degree pass rate and no failures.


It is not just the high achievers that we celebrate at this time, but each boy who achieved his goals through the work that he put in and the partnership he developed with committed staff members. Our admissions process is not focussed solely on academic ability, but we choose to select a boy based on his potential to use the Hilton experience to make a significant contribution to his community and his family. Several gentlemen of the class of 2019 have achieved some of the top results in the country (included being counted amongst the top 1% in several subjects), while others can be equally proud of attaining a Bachelor’s Degree pass and will leave Hilton full of confidence about what they can achieve if they apply their minds and use the opportunities given to them. External tutors are used sparingly at Hilton and so credit for these results must go, first and foremost, to the agency that boys have developed at Hilton and the professional commitment that staff at the school have shown in supporting pupils. Hilton looks forward to building on this consistent base of results and rising to greater heights in the years to come.


Hilton College’s Scholar of the Year is Kutloano Modisaesi and the Proxime Accessit is Thomas de Beer. Kutloano will study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pretoria and will eventually specialise in Aerospace Engineering. Thomas has been accepted by the University of Witwatersrand to study Medicine.

In Kutloano’s own words, “Hilton taught me how to expand my own boundaries to make the most of an incredible experience. It taught me to endure, to be culturally enriched and to take pride in everything that I do in order to do it to the best of my ability.” Thomas adds that “Hilton encourages holistic development which includes an opportunity for each boy to not only excel in academics or sport but to gain exposure to a wide variety of life skills. Whilst at Hilton I was exposed to leadership, mentoring and spiritual growth as well as an outstanding Exchange Programme and participating in the President’s Award. This has all contributed to my pursuing a lifelong dream of studying medicine in 2020.”


Hilton prides itself on helping each boy develop his own unique identity and to identify a significant purpose for his life – and as such no two of our 2019 matriculants’ stories will be the same. Some have enrolled at leading universities in South Africa, some will attend Ivy League universities in the United States, while others plan to further their studies at top-tier UK and European universities. There will also be a number of boys choosing to enrich their life experience by doing community work whilst taking a gap year. We wish all of them the very best and look forward to following their progress with interest.


Hilton College Matric Results in Summary:

  • There were 111 Hilton College matriculants in the class of 2019. 107 candidates met the requirements for Bachelor’s Degree studies.  The remaining 4 candidates qualified for Diploma studies. There were no failures.
  • There were a total of 236 distinctions for an average of 2.13 distinctions per candidate.
  • In all 32.4% of all boys achieved 3 or more distinctions.
  • 82% of all symbols achieved were a C or higher.
  • A grade average of over 70% was achieved in 14 subjects



Twelve candidates achieved three distinctions each

  • Jono Alcock (Economics, History, Life Orientation)
  • Michael Booth (Accounting, History, Maths)
  • Brandon Dry (Afrikaans, Economics, Life Orientation)
  • Rory Duffy (Economics, Geography, History)
  • Nzuzo Hardy (Economics, French, History)
  • Jacques Monokoane (Drama, Economics, Life Orientation)
  • Napoleon Moore (Drama, French, Maths)
  • Zelwande Phenyane (History, Isizulu, Life Orientation)
  • S´Bonelo Phungula (Drama, Economics, Life Orientation)
  • Patrick Plunket (Economics, English, Life Orientation)
  • Murray Schnell (Geography, History, Life Orientation)
  • Jack Short (Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Maths)


Three candidates achieved four distinctions each

  • Rory Plunket (Economics, French, History, Life Orientation)
  • Michael Thupayagale (Economics, History, Isizulu, Maths)
  • Charles Vickers (Drama, Economics, English, Geography)


Twelve candidates achieved five distinctions each

  • Onyebuchi Adirika (Drama, Economics, History, Isizulu, Life Orientation)
  • Noah Lapin (Drama, Economics, English, History, Maths)
  • Thomas Macleod- Henderson (Economics, English, French, History, Life Orientation)
  • Mambo Munawa (Drama, Economics, Isizulu, Life Orientation, Maths)
  • Shingai Mushonga (Business Studies, Economics, History, Maths, Physical Science)
  • Shaswath Rangaswamy (Accounting, Drama, English, Life Orientation, Maths)
  • Ulrich Spies (Accounting, Afrikaans, Economics, Life Orientation, Maths)
  • Kyle Steenberg (Accounting, Afrikaans, Economics, English, Life Orientation)
  • John Turner (Economics, Information Technology, Life Orientation, Maths, Physical Science)
  • Luke Udal (French, Life Orientation, Maths, Physical Science, Art)
  • Campbell Walley (Information Technology, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Maths, Physical Science)
  • Scott Whyte (Economics, English, History, Life Orientation, Life Sciences)


Six candidates achieved six distinctions each

  • Matthew Barrett (English, Geography, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Maths, Physical Science)
  • Thomas De Beer (Afrikaans, Economics, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Maths, Physical Science)
  • Thomas Hamlin (Afrikaans, English, History, Life Orientation, Maths, Art)
  • Lwazi Mkatshana (Accounting, Economics, History, Isizulu, Life Orientation, Maths)
  • Thandolwethu Nonyane (Accounting, Economics, English, Isizulu, Life Orientation, Maths)
  • Wium Smit (Afrikaans, Economics, English, Life Orientation, Maths, Physical Science)


Three candidates achieved seven distinctions each

  • Thomas Little (Economics, English, History, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Maths, Physical Science)
  • Kutloano Modisaesi (Economics, English, Information Technology, Isizulu, Life Orientation, Maths, Physical Science)
  • Mpumi Sibeko (Economics, English, Isizulu, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Maths, Physical Science)

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