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View from the Dugout #63

15 March 2019

You have to watch this!


No writing could better explain the impact that generosity makes. It has the power to transform our perspective from, “us and them”, to just “us”. Generosity gives us purpose and, according to research, it even makes us happier people.


Selfishly, I love what Tries for Lives has done for our rugby players who now represent the U16A and U16B teams. There is no doubt that their involvement in this outreach has made an indelible impact on them. Watching them on Saturday, it was clear that they are playing for a purpose much greater than themselves or even just the school – their united purpose being a powerful force which bonds them together.

I sincerely hope that this initiative will continue to grow well beyond Hilton College as we seek to educate boys about true purpose.

Last week Friday we celebrated the launch of the 2019 Winter Sport Outreach programme in a Fleur-de-Lys Club packed with rugby and hockey parents, boys and staff. This year’s campaign (Iqhawe labasokolayo – a hero for the vulnerable) is an extension of the Tries for Lives initiative as started by last year’s U15A and U15B XV.

The evening included touching speeches from parents that were involved in 2018 Tries for Lives as well as from two of our outreach partners, Thandi House and Kenosis Community Trust. We are thrilled that, this year, we have 4 additional teams (3 rugby and 1 hockey) joining the initiative.


Our 2019 sport outreach includes:

  • 1st XV in support of the Ryan Walker Foundation
  • U16A and U16B XV in support of Thandi House
  • U16A XI, U15A and U15B XV in support of Kenosis Community Trust

How can you get involved?

  1. WATCH, LIKE and SHARE the Hilton College Tries for Lives video on YouTube or Facebook (@TriesforLives).
  2. SUPPORT the boys and teams on match day as they go out and play for more than just their school.
  3. MEET and WELCOME our outreach partners when they visit us on campus, or join one of the teams when we go and visit them.
  4. SPONSOR a team a nominal amount per try or goal scored this season. No amount is too small – it’s not about the money but the heart!

For details on how to sponsor, please get in touch with one of the teams or email


DHS have been working hard to improve their hockey offering and we were delighted that they fronted more teams on Saturday than they have in the recent past. Their boys were well turned out and organised and there is no doubt that this upward trend will continue in the future. For now, we remain the dominant force and I was impressed by our boys who shrugged the “favourites” tag, showing due respect to their opponents and for the game itself.

The 1st XI kicked off proceedings at Riverside. Our boys started slickly with neat interplay between backs and forwards. Our dominance in the midfield however was the real advantage as our midfield press stifled DHS possession. They had no answers for our structure and we gained innumerable circle entries throughout the match. These chances lead to an early 2 – 0 lead in the first quarter and it appeared as though we were going to post a significant score. It was not to be as we were made to rue many missed chances – taking nothing away from the DHS keeper who also had a blinder. In the end we strode away with a 3 – 0 win, but most pleasing was the synergy displayed in the team which was epitomised by our first goal – our “Play of the Day”. From a short corner, Cameron Pearce, primed to strike, received a “messy” assist at the top of the D. Noticing that he was under pressure, he coolly laid off a pass to Suubi Mugerwa-Sekawabe who had expertly manoeuvred into space on the left. Suubi’s flick was superbly executed bulleting into the right hand side of the goal. Well done boys! The rest of our teams enjoyed a successful outing with most finishing well on top.


Our rugby boys were bracing themselves for a huge battle at DHS, particularly in the A teams. This certainly turned out to be the case with the U15A (28 – 14) and U14A (12 – 7) matches going down to the wire. In both of these matches, we were made to work exceptionally hard for the win with the U15A scoring two tries in the last few minutes and the U14A defending for all their lives to hang on their slender advantage. It is going to be exciting to see how the matches between these teams develop in the future!

The 3rds (53 – 0), 4ths (51 – 5), U16A (44 – 0), U16C (56 – 0) and U14B (58 – 19) were our most successful teams. All of these outfits played with exceptional skill, which is especially impressive considering it was the season “opener”.

The 1st XV faced a very “pumped up” DHS on van Heerden’s field. We were made to endure an opening onslaught, which included some expert line breaks by their backs. As time wore on, we started to control the territory and possession statistics. Try as we might, however, we just could not score. This despite earning a few kickable penalties and crossing the whitewash more than once; 0 – 3 at the half. The second stanza was more of the same but eventually our dominance translated into a score. Ruan Wilmans finding his range to convert a mammoth penalty, 3 – 3. With the timer well into the last quarter we eventually struck a blow to DHS hearts with a decisive backline move. Stripping DHS out-wide, Tanaka Matsa was put into space and diving over he delivered the 5 pointer. The conversion made, and soon thereafter another penalty, saw us gain a healthy lead 13 – 3. In the dying moments Tanaka Matsa pounced on a DHS mistake to complete another score, and in so doing, put the game beyond doubt 20 – 3. Although a little scrappy, this as an excellent opening victory for the White away from Home!

Remaining fixtures this term:
16 March – Kearsney (A)
23 March – Michaelhouse (H)

Tony Shuttleworth
Executive Director – Sport

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