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Caleb Venter

Free to be me

Caleb Venter has lived at Hilton College since he was two. Having grown up on campus, Caleb (now in grade 12)….

A letter from The Head – 16 May 2023

16 May 2023 Dear Hiltonians, Someone thanked me the other day, and it fed my soul. This simple act of kindness, expressed in words of gratitude, lifted my spirit and invigorated my being. Encouraging and affirming, it directed my focus towards that which is positive; it afforded me an opportunity to bask a little in [...]

Alexei du Bois

Paradigm-shifting perspectives

The richness that Director of International Learning Alexei du Bois brings to Hilton College is immeasurably more than his Oxford PhD….

Kigen Chepkonga

Choosing his own adventure

Kigen Chepkonga has been in boarding since the age of 11. A more chipper, broad-minded and relational boy you could not hope to meet…

William Kitching at NASA

Grade 11 learner William Kitching has been selected to represent South Africa at the United Space School (USS) at NASA in Houston, USA. William, who is one of only two learners countrywide to have been chosen, is the second Hilton College boy to represent South Africa at the USS in two years; last year Ben [...]

A letter from The Head – 8 March 2023

8 March 2023 Dear Parents, Dreaming The art of dreaming cannot become extinct. It is, however, being squeezed into the recesses of our collective lives through busyness, unbridled ambition, the relentless pursuit of one-upmanship, and a paralysing concern for our futures. I find, as a South African in the business of growing young people, that [...]

Lionel Julius

Keeping it real

Playing dad to 90-odd teenage boys is not for everyone, but Hilton College Maths teacher and McKenzie housemaster Lionel Julius takes it in his stride…

Alexei du Bois

High recognition for Hilton’s Director of International Learning Hilton College is proud to announce the appointment of our Director of International Learning, Dr Alexei du Bois, as the Heimbecker Inspiration Chair for Experiential Education for 2023-4. Dr Du Bois will take a sabbatical next year and be based in Canada while he serves as Heimbecker [...]

Wim Ebersöhn

Values to live by

When he’s not at Hilton College, home for Wim Ebersöhn is a remote and rugged reserve in northern Mozambique, a 17-hour drive from the nearest town…

Marcus Montague-Mfuni

Old Hiltonian Marcus Montague-Mfuni (2018, Falcon) has been named a Southern African Rhodes Scholar elect for 2023 Old Hiltonian Marcus Montague-Mfuni (2018, Falcon) has been named a Southern African Rhodes Scholar elect for 2023. One of only 10 outstanding young graduates from Southern Africa to be selected a Rhodes Scholars-Elect for this year, Marcus (22) [...]