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A letter from The Head – No. 22-03

No. 22-03 / 14 March 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians, S…E…X… I am proudly prudish. My dilemma in being prudish is the anxiety I encounter when faced with stories of explicit sexual behaviours among our teens.  These seem to be ever more prevalent. I am not qualified to pronounce judgment on sexual behaviours, but my [...]

A letter from The Head – No. 22-02

No. 22-02 / 1 March 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians, Our chaotic world Regrettably I am no historian, politician, or futurist, so I cannot comment with any authority on the events unfolding in Ukraine over the past few days, suffice to say that they are alarming in the extreme. Only eight months ago the insurgence [...]

A letter from The Head – No. 22-01

No. 22-01 / 25 January 2022 Dear Parents, An enduring task… In recent months there has been much in the media about the challenges facing boys’ schools. Schools can be the best and the worst of places. Intriguingly, as we have all been through school, we all have an opinion as to what we believe [...]

Matric Results 2021

Hilton College commends the matric class of 2021 Each year, our matrics set out to do themselves proud in their final exams.  The class of 2021 is no different.  Despite the interruptions of the Covid pandemic, our boys did themselves proud through their determination to catch up on time lost and to apply themselves to [...]

Grey Matter Chatter

October 2021 Re-imagining music An opportunity to reboot and re-imagine is perhaps the upside to an ongoing pandemic. In this edition of Grey Matter Chatter, David Orr, recently appointed to co-lead Hilton College’s Music Department, outlines a rationale for Music Education for All, together with some specifics regarding the new Hilton College Music Centre. From [...]

No.2 1 -0 6 / 2 8 October 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,, “The world of men is dreaming, it has gone mad in its sleep, and a snake is strangling it, but it can’t wake up.” DH Lawrence When we look around us, the picture of a world asleep is all too real. Whether it be our response to global warming, to sustainability, [...]

No.2 1 -0 5 / 27 August 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,, Amidst the turmoil of navigating this latest wave of Covid infections, I write to thank you for your ongoing support. Despite the various and legitimate frustrations experienced by all of us in some or other form, I believe we have been able to get through this period fairly well. Your support [...]

Black & White Newsletter

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The Hiltonian Magazine 2021

The Hiltonian Magazine 2021 Edition 156 | June 2021 Dear Hiltonians, Here with the Hiltonian Magazine 2021. Happy reading! Kind regards, The Hiltonian Magazine team Download To access previous Hiltonian magazines, dating back to 1901, click here.

A letter to Old Hiltonians – Q2 / 9 July 2021

A Culture of Giving - Quarter 2 - 2021 Dear Hiltonians, When Hilton’s ninth headmaster, Raymond Slater, formalised the school prayer in 1967, he infused the last paragraph with the words “Preserve in it an unblemished name, enlarge it with a wider usefulness”. The Vula Programme at Hilton College was started in 2001 as the [...]