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A letter from the Head

A letter from The Head – No. 22-03

No. 22-03 / 14 March 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians, S…E…X… I am proudly prudish. My dilemma in being prudish is the anxiety I encounter when faced with stories of explicit sexual behaviours among our teens.  These seem to be ever more prevalent. I am not qualified to pronounce judgment on sexual behaviours, but my [...]

A letter from The Head – No. 22-02

No. 22-02 / 1 March 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians, Our chaotic world Regrettably I am no historian, politician, or futurist, so I cannot comment with any authority on the events unfolding in Ukraine over the past few days, suffice to say that they are alarming in the extreme. Only eight months ago the insurgence [...]

A letter from The Head – No. 22-01

No. 22-01 / 25 January 2022 Dear Parents, An enduring task… In recent months there has been much in the media about the challenges facing boys’ schools. Schools can be the best and the worst of places. Intriguingly, as we have all been through school, we all have an opinion as to what we believe [...]

A letter from The Head – No. 21-02

No.21-02 / 26 March 2021 Dear Parents, When the world as we know it seems to be up-ended, it is necessary to reflect on that which we can yet be grateful for. At Hilton College I am grateful for the significant support we enjoy from you, our parents. The frustration of not being able to [...]

A letter from The Head – No. 21-01

No.20- 15 / 10 November 2020 Dear Parents, If you seek, you will find… These times are unsettling. What we know and have become accustomed to has all but evaporated and our way of being has been altered significantly. Some have been using analogies that draw on wartime experience, others invoke visions of the apocalypse, [...]

A letter from The Head – 26 Jan 2021

26 January 2021 Dear Parents, It feels a touch surreal that our campus will at last be officially open this weekend after the false starts. It goes without saying that the staff and I are delighted that the boys will be back soon! While we are determined to ensure that boys make the most of [...]

A letter from The Head – 15 Jan 2021

15 January 2021 Dear Parents, We have been discussing the implications of this morning’s ministerial briefing with ISASA and our various Hilton staff and management teams. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. With regret, it has become clear that we will be UNABLE to open our campus this weekend as we [...]

A letter from The Head – 14 Jan 2021

14 January 2021 Dear Parents, May I begin with an unreserved apology for the amount of change we are needing to deal with at the beginning of this year. Moreover, our communication from time to time is always aimed at our trying to keep you, our parents, in the know as we navigate these extraordinary [...]