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A letter from the Head

A letter from The Head – 26 January 2024

26 January 2024 Dear Hiltonians, This newsletter sets out some ideas that I aim to focus on this year, in thinking about Hilton College and our role in the lives of the families we serve. It is long and covers a range of ideas. My hope is that you find a few minutes to indulge [...]

A letter from The Head – 16 May 2023

16 May 2023 Dear Hiltonians, Someone thanked me the other day, and it fed my soul. This simple act of kindness, expressed in words of gratitude, lifted my spirit and invigorated my being. Encouraging and affirming, it directed my focus towards that which is positive; it afforded me an opportunity to bask a little in [...]

A letter from The Head – 8 March 2023

8 March 2023 Dear Parents, Dreaming The art of dreaming cannot become extinct. It is, however, being squeezed into the recesses of our collective lives through busyness, unbridled ambition, the relentless pursuit of one-upmanship, and a paralysing concern for our futures. I find, as a South African in the business of growing young people, that [...]

A letter from The Head – 1 February 2023

1 February 2023 Dear Parents, I watched an “unfortunate” run out in an U14 cricket match on Saturday.  Our two batsmen were both distraught in the realisation of their predicament… an avoidable error, but, as is always the case with cricket, it brought an abrupt end to the dream of a glorious 50-run innings and [...]

A letter from The Head – 25 January 2023

25 January 2023 Dear Parents, Our matric results from the class of 2022 are a wonderful accolade for us to add to the successes of our 150th year. I salute every teacher who spent hours and hours in dedicated teaching of our boys and every boy who put his shoulder to the wheel to achieve [...]

A letter from The Head – 29 November 2022

29 November 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians, Our 150th year has reached its conclusion and what a celebration it has been. Thank you for partnering with us and for encouraging and supporting us through the highs and lows, the successes and the struggles. It continues to be a singular privilege to lead this great school [...]

A letter from The Head – 23 November 2022

23 November 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians, Discipline matters A disciplined life is a life of great resource. The journey towards a life lived with a value-set that reflects that which we believe makes a gentleman and an upright citizen is not necessarily an easy one, especially against the backdrop of a society that seems [...]

A letter from The Head – 25 October 2022

25 October 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians, Cellphones! Since announcing, at Speech Day, that we would be “banning” cellphones after half-term, I have received many emails from parents – both for and against the initiative. I knew it would spark debate amongst our boys, but I am slightly intrigued at the level of debate it [...]