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Giving Back

Inspired to give back

A note from our Headmaster, George Harris

Like any remarkable global educational institution, we require the financial support of our alumni and broader community to keep our school world-class, affordable, accessible and relevant.

Thankfully, generations of Old Hiltonians, moved by their life-changing years at this school, together with our community of families and friends, have built a significant Hilton College legacy.

My greatest joy in all this is that it belongs to us; that it is a gift, in trust, from the Old boys … It is a trust that you and I must honour. It is a gift that we must keep safe. We can do that by giving; by building up an endowment fund that will make it completely safe and independent for posterity. – Old Hiltonian W.A.(WAC) Campbell

Never has there been a stronger need to strive for excellence and to extend the benefits of our legacy further. Your contribution will allow us to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of future generations, under-resourced communities and our threatened natural environment.

Your impact

Put simply, your support goes a long way – either toward making lives better, preserving the environment, maintaining our school premises or uplifting communities.

Find out about growing the Hilton Endowment and watch real stories of change.

How to give

The choice is yours – you decide where your financial contribution goes.

Find out about our causes that you can support and other ways of making a difference, or find out how to give.

Recognising your support

Hilton College gratefully recognises all those people that make contributions to our various causes.

Find out how we recognise your support.