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Adam Cole

An overcomer

Adam Cole

Adam Cole has struggled at school. Suffering from significant barriers to learning, he has had to work harder than most to get to Grade 11.

Soft spoken and gentle in demeanour, Adam says that having an auditory processing problem makes comprehension tricky and he battles with concentration.

“When I first came to Hilton College, in Grade 8, I wasn’t good at maths and English,” he says.

“I struggled a lot. I went to see Dr Janna de Gouveia [Hilton College’s Director of Academic Support] who gave me study tips.

“And I started going to maths support classes, which were very helpful because the teacher explained to me in a way I could understand.

“I’ve been pushing myself and working with a study timetable to make sure I have enough time to prepare for each subject, especially before exams.”

In the mid-year exams in June this year, Adam’s marks went “through the roof”. He got 80% for maths and improved his English marks by 15%.

“I feel great,” he says, beaming and displaying a quiet determination.

Adam attributes this marked improvement to working hard and strong support.

He is full of praise for his parents who picked up that something else was affecting his academics, and for persistently nudging him to bring it into the light.

“In the beginning I was reluctant to talk about it. But my parents wouldn’t let it go.”

Encouraged by his parents and emboldened by the support of a friend in his dorm, Adam has bravely overcome this issue.

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Adam plans to pursue a career in farming. He wants to study agriculture at university before acquiring a trade that will equip him with practical skills to use on a farm.

“I want to learn how to improve farming, to farm in an environmentally friendly way.”

And he will.