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Our Causes

Making a difference in many ways

At Hilton College, we welcome donations to any of the four meaningful causes we advance.

We have four causes or funds, allowing you to contribute to one that aligns with your values or interests. We will, of course, gratefully accept donations towards any project that doesn’t specifically fit into any of these categories.

The uMngeni Fund

Generations of Hiltonians fondly remember exploring the Gwens Valley with its beautiful waterfalls, tubing down the uMngeni River, or spending lazy days at Pinnacles or Rolling Stones. Our estate and nature reserve have cultivated in our boys a deep appreciation of wildlife and conservation. In this time of climate change and environmental degradation, our estate offers a unique educational experience.

The uMngeni Fund goes towards maintaining the Hilton College estate and funding conservation and educational environment-related community projects.

The Vula Fund

The Vula Programme is the Hiltonian Society’s community service initiative, created to raise the teaching standard of high school mathematics and physical science at schools in disadvantaged communities.

The only organisation of its kind in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, it has a reputation for delivering relevant, meaningful and cost-effective educational interventions and development opportunities since 2001.

The Vula Fund supports modern technologies, innovative teaching methods and experienced facilitators that bring about positive social change.

The Lift Up Your Hearts Fund

As part of our Plan for Every Hilton Boy strategy, we embrace diversity. We actively aim to attract and, if necessary, support boys from diverse backgrounds. To create a rich experience for all Hilton boys, it’s essential that we have representation across different socio-economic groups, geographic areas and cultures.

The Lift Up Your Hearts Fund grants financial aid (bursaries and scholarships) to boys of families for whom our school fees are out of reach. Some are from Old Hiltonian families and others are not. You may choose which category of boys you want to support.

The Pinnacles Fund

Our school has magnificent buildings and grounds, as well as a nature reserve that’s arguably beyond compare. These assets contribute to the exceptional learning experience we offer our boys.

To remain a pre-eminent school, we must maintain the campus and build new facilities when required.

The Pinnacles Fund supports the upkeep of our school campus and funds new infrastructure projects.