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Educational Psychologist

Our Academic Support team screens all of our applicants for grade 8 and contacts families who have indicated to us that their son may require some form of learning support. Our full-time Educational Psychologist Dr Janna de Gouveia may create an individualised support profile (shared with the relevant teachers, Housemaster and tutor) for each of these boys so that when he starts grade 8, he has the necessary support already in place.

If needed, Janna conducts psycho-educational assessments of boys once they have settled in at Hilton, usually in the second half of the grade 8 year.

Janna is involved in transitioning and integrating grade 8 boys into school life. One on one, she helps boys of all ages, from those facing challenges to high-functioning achievers, build on the study skills and time management tools she teaches in grade 8.

During the grade 9 year, she offers hands-on, ongoing guidance to boys as they contemplate their subject choices for the coming three years at school, and comprehensive career guidance for grade 11 and 12 boys.

Our academic support team refers boys to Janna for psycho-educational assessments to determine barriers to learning linked to his performance. In certain cases, she may use the reports of these assessments to apply to the IEB for certain accommodations for their final examinations. Hilton is one of one of only a handful of schools to offer this service inhouse and for free.

As well individual assessments, Janna performs baseline assessments to understand the overall needs of every grade to allow for early intervention as needed.