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We don’t do entrance exams because we don’t just process academic performers.

We’re not purely academically selective in enrolling boys that perform well in a traditional classroom setting.

Far more importantly, we look at the teachers’ comments in each applicant’s reports or references to see whether they’ll respond to our ways of learning.

We open doors to renowned international tertiary institutions.

See a list of 30 universities that accepted Hilton College boys between 2018 and 2020 below. We offer the choice between IEB and A Levels curriculums from grade 11. While the IEB range of subjects is broader – an advantage for most 15-year-olds who are undecided on their career path – A Levels is a sound choice for boys who have a clear idea of the vocation they wish to pursue and want to study internationally. Many of our IEB boys are accepted into ivy league or top global universities, though the application process can be more administratively and logistically cumbersome than with A Levels. For studies in the US or Europe, A Levels are recognised. We’re also an accredited SAT testing centre for US entrance requirements.

We’re visited personally by several South African tertiary institutions annually.

Boys have the opportunity to speak directly to representatives of these institutions about their academic aspirations and the best way to ensure that they meet all entrance requirements. Hilton College is a National Benchmark Testing centre for South African universities.

We don’t dumb down subjects, because we aren’t a conveyor belt for matric passes.

Schools commonly offer an ‘easy’ subject for struggling learners to pass. You won’t find that at Hilton, since we’re committed to nurturing a lifelong love of learning in every boy.

School Subjects

  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • French
  • IsiZulu
  • German Second Additional Language (upon request)
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Advanced Programme English
  • Advanced Programme Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Computer Applications Technology (for boys who receive a special exemption from doing a 1st additional language)
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Economics
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information Technology
  • Life Orientation
  • Life Sciences
  • Music
  • Physical Sciences
  • Visual Arts