Top Provincial / National coaches include Darryn Gallagher, Devon van der Merwe, Matthew Fairweather.

Director of Hockey: Darryn Gallagher

Darryn represented the South African Men’s Hockey team from 1999 – 2008 and during his playing career he attended the 2006 Commonwealth Games and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. His highest coaching achievements have been as the head coach of the South African U21 men’s team from 2011 – 2013 which culminated in leading the team to the Junior World Cup in India in 2013. He has also had a role as an Assistant coach for the South African Men’s team. He is currently a South African U18 selector.

1st team Coach: Devon van der Merwe

  • Played Nationally throughout the age groups up to U21 level with the Junior World Cup in Rotterdam 2005
  • Recently attend the Junior World Cup as an assistance coach and video analyst
  • Currently the SA U18 "A" Head Coach, National A18 & A21 Selector
  • Previously, Director of Hockey and 1st XI coach at Maritzburg College for 3 years

U16A Team Coach: Matthew Fairweather

Matthew has represented the South African Men’s Indoor Hockey team since 2013 and is currently the captain. He attended the Indoor World Cup in Germany in 2015. He has represented a number of other top level hockey teams such as the KZN Raiders men Indoor and outdoor hockey teams. Matthew was also a member of the South African Men’s Outdoor squad in 2015.

Matthew currently adds massive value as the coach of the KZN Inland U18A and U14A teams. 


  • Two Astroturf pitches
  • 2 mini Astroturf fields 
  • Excellent grass hockey fields
  • Strength training gym
  • Indoor hockey Centre
  • Full set of hockey 5s boards

Number of teams

  • 5 Open teams 
  • 6 U16 teams 
  • 3 U14 teams

National Representatives

  • G.R. Shimwell (SA Schools) 
  • P.E.T. Turner (SA Schools) 
  • M. Mars (South Africa) 
  • S.P.S Smith (SA Schools) 
  • J.R. Thorpe (SA Schools) 
  • D.R. Turner (SA Schools - Captain) 
  • K.A. Johnson (SA Schools) 
  • C.R. Burnhill (SA Schools - Captain) 
  • M.R. Bruorton (SA Schools) 
  • M.W. Pfaff (SA Schools) 
  • D.B. Pfaff (South Africa) 
  • D.J. Jarvis (SA Schools - Captain) 
  • R.N Oertel (SA Schools) 
  • M.G. Stride (SA Schools) 
  • S.G. Slater (SA U21) 
  • T.G. Mallinson (SA Schools B)
  • C.T Manqele (SA Schools) 
  • C. Bailey (SA Schools) 
  • D.P. Viney (SA Schools, SA U21, South Africa) 
  • G. Jones (SA U19 Academy) 
  • T. Drummond (Captain SA U18A, SA U21, South African Men’s captain) 
  • M. Fairweather (Captain SA U16A, U17A, SA U18A, SA U21, South Africa Indoor World Cup team captain) 
  • B. Mbana (SA U21, South Africa) 
  • N. Spooner (SA U17A, South Africa) 
  • G. Drake (SA U17A, SA U18A) 
  • K. Oftebro (SA U16A, SA U17A, SA U21) 
  • D. Scott (SA U16A, SA U18A, SA U21) 
  • J. Edy (SA U18B) 
  • M. Llobell (SA U18B) 
  • R. Talmage (SA U18B)
  • D. Wheals (SA U18B)
  • B. Duggan (SA U18A)

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