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Become an Enabler in the Next Chapter of Hilton's Great Story 

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Being a part of a significant institution is both rewarding and humbling. Hilton College is such a place. As we chart the course of this great institution for the next fifty years, I am excited by the opportunities that present themselves even in, or perhaps especially as, we live in fast-changing times. 

Great schools around the world have stood the test of time. They have endured all number of calamities and setbacks from time to time, but the great ones come through these challenges stronger and more robust, more equipped to serve the people who choose to educate their children there. 

Great schools are innovative in their keeping abreast of teaching pedagogies that produce people of substance who go on to contribute to the greater good, above and beyond themselves.
Great schools are custodians of our future in that they nurture and mould the promise of thought leaders for years to come. They are profound incubators of our collective tomorrows.  As we build upon the great traditions of past generations and visionary educators, we must embrace new opportunities that will not only secure our longevity but propel us into the forefront of education globally and, importantly, on this African continent. 

Great schools are reliant on benefaction and gifts of time and money from those who have understood the part their school played in their ability to succeed in life. These schools continue to be able to write the next chapter of their stories with dexterity such that they remain beacons of excellence and of hope as they craft the lives of those who attend them. 

As we approach our 150th year, it is our strong motivation to ensure that the legacy of Hilton College is strengthened through the growth of our Endowment Fund such that this great school can continue to be the beacon it has been for the many who have, and who will pass through her gates.

Great schools are in a position to direct their intake, by providing significant financial assistance to boys of promise. Boys who, through our nurturing, can become tomorrow's great thinkers, innovators, creators and leaders. Hilton College has made significant strides in this direction over the last number of years but we have as a goal, a greater percentage of boys in mind. There are great schools around the world who aim to direct close to 50% of their intake. 

South Africa requires of its great institutions to lead. Our collective of Hiltonians past and present are uniquely placed to enable this great school to do more than it has done before in answering the call of nation-building at a time when this need is arguably most urgent. To this end, we recognise that our 150th landmark provides us with a significant opportunity to rally our troops with the distinct purpose of developing our capacity to continue to lead. To find out more about our vision, and how you can be part of an exciting period in our history, please attend our #FUTUREofHILTON event:

15 June 2018 I 17h00-19h00 I Memorial Hall I RSVP to 

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