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From the Head - Headmaster's Newsletter 2 May 2018

Success breeds success

A well-known phenomenon that great teams understand is that success breeds success, a positive cycle that we all want to be a part of. Lasting success is by design, not by chance.

At the moment we are enjoying a wonderful season of success on a number of fronts at Hilton. Boys are engaged and determined, there is a sense of belief among us as a team; whilst improvement remains our mantra as we know that learning never stops.

On the academic front we have begun a number of initiatives with our Grade 8 Curriculum that are showing tremendous signs of success; our Grade 9 programme is less pressured and boys have been responding well to this; our Grade 10 - 12 programme is becoming more robust and focussed - by design.

As subject teachers we are raising the bar for ourselves and for our boys. Excellence is the watchword for all our endeavours.

On the sports front, we are enjoying a remarkable set of victories and improved performances. This success is by design and is the result of great people giving of themselves to see our boys flourish and excel.

Last week all boys had the opportunity to see the production “12 Angry Men” which was especially well-received. A simple production which required of the actors to grapple with ethical issues and to keep their audience engaged with very few ‘extra’ dramatic tools at their disposal. I was greatly encouraged to see boys displaying their talents on the stage.

On the music front, our choir is working hard at their preparation for the World Choir Games in July. We are certainly offering a great number of opportunities on the cultural front at present.

Excellence by design is our intention: each boy finding himself whilst being a part of the great tradition of the College, what a tremendous gift.

In the busyness of life it is essential to pause, to take stock, every now and then. Rev Wyngaard guided the boys into thinking about being thankful for what we have in the here and now and, armed with this gratitude, challenged us all to think about concrete ways that each boy could be a positive contributor to improving the lot of someone less fortunate in their area of influence.

Hilton College News

This weekend we head up the hill for a set of games against our great rivals Michaelhouse. It is paramount that this occasion is one of camaraderie and decorum. As we have been reminded by this year’s Head of School, Stuart Roy, let’s make this a memorable year for all the right reasons.

I look forward to seeing you encouraging your son. I look forward to you sharing a laugh when the all- important ‘move’ didn’t work out as planned and the ball was lost. I look forward to you seeing your boy congratulate the opposition when the game has ended - regardless of the result - in the true spirit of sportsmanship and friendship. As the significant adults in your son’s life, help him to keep perspective on the place of these games in the greater scheme of life.

As these derby days act as markers on the galloping timeline of adolescence; enjoy the privilege of watching your son as he continues his journey into manhood - win or lose - support him in the building of his character as this is ultimately the real game we are all playing.

Two important events are also scheduled for this weekend: The Two Schools in Concert, where HC and MHS boys entertain us up at the Schlesinger Theatre at MHS at 18:00 on Thursday evening; and our Grade 10 and 12 Parents’ day on Friday 4th May. I look forward to seeing you at these events too.


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