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Letter from the Head of School - Stuart Roy - 25 April 2018

Hilton Head BoyDear Parents

In the winter sports term there is a sense of excitement that we can almost touch - the air fizzes and the crisp, sunny days warm every boy’s smile. We, the matric group, are extra-excited: We feel a nervous optimism for what looks like it should be a good season. We also feel the bitter-sweet nostalgia of knowing this is our last winter as Hilton College boys.

I am told that the most nerve-wracking speech I will ever make is the one on the eve of the Hilton-Michaelhouse. There is an expectation that I, together with the first team captains, am to use rousing words that will lead our boys to victory. We will do our best. But may I ask for your help please? I am hoping you will assist us as current boys of Hilton to make it not only a perfect Hilton-Michaelhouse, but a perfect season. No matter how many games we win or lose.

Here are ten proud Hilton traditions that the matrics ask everyone to honour:

  • We respect the decisions of our coaches and the refs. They know what they are doing.
  • We cheer as spectators but we do not gloat and we do not goad.
  • We follow the instructions of our captains and our coaches. We ignore spectators who distract us from our game plan or give bad or demoralising advice.
  • We apologise to our team-mates or our opposition if we make a mistake on the field and we fix it.
  • We support boys in other teams, in particular we ask that senior boys support junior boys, boys from higher teams support boys from lower teams, rugby boys support hockey boys and vice versa - each boy’s game matters to him, so it should matter to the rest of us. After all, we are brothers.
  • When the game is done and we shake the hands of the other team, we do it in a way that shows we respect that they are our opponents, not our enemies.
  • The field is a place for the players. Even when the game is done, boys honour their team mates and the opposition first. We ignore those who run onto the field until we have shown our respects to other players.
  • When the game is played, we go off the field to join our friends and family and we thank them for their support.
  • We do not crow in victory or sulk in defeat.
  • In short, we remember that nobody cares whether we win or lose if we don’t do it with humility. Humility is the watch-word we are taught above everything else at Hilton. We let it show on and off the sports field - we, and our families, are proud ambassadors for a great school in both places.

Hilton is considered to be “deeply traditional, refreshingly contemporary”. I want to use my few minutes wisely, when I address the Hilton brothers standing arm-in-arm, next to Gilfillan on the eve of the Hilton-Michaelhouse. I want to remind them that for a united team, anything is possible. I want to be able to say to them that you, our families, are a vital part of our team. I ask you to help instil these traditional and respectful ways with a contemporary spin.

We thank you for your constant and unconditional support.
Stuart Roy

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