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View from the Dugout

Celo Mbanjwa

Mbanjwa rises in the ranks at AmaZulu FC Hilton College is proud to announce that our Director of Soccer, Mr Celo Mbanjwa, has been promoted to the position of Co Youth Technical Director at AmaZulu Football Club. Mr Mbanjwa, who has been working for the club as the Youth Technical Advisor since February last year, [...]

View from the Dugout #67

6 June 2019 Your perspective, the way you see things, will very often determine your success. Perspective after all determines your attitude and your attitude your motivation to achieve. In sport (and life) this can be directly applied to the competition arena when facing a bigger, stronger opponent. This scenario can be viewed from two [...]

View from the Dugout #66

22 May 2019 Recently, I have been encouraged to read some excellent articles published by schools and various other commentators defending the cause of school boy sport. Not least of these was the article published by our own headmaster, Mr George Harris, about winning. His article has been shared far and wide and has sparked [...]

View from the Dugout #65

3 May 2019 My highlight this past weekend was having the opportunity to watch the U16C rugby team play against Northwood. This match was a particular high point as it marked the return to sport of a brave young man named Avu Zondi. Avu’s sport story is a heart-wrenching one. Having come to Hilton as [...]

View from the Dugout #64

21 March 2019 This extract is adapted from a previous article that I wrote in 2017. I took the liberty of doing so as I feel that this is a well-timed piece for us to ponder as we go into the Hilton versus Michaelhouse winter sport day. Whilst one may use the term derby or [...]

View from the Dugout #63

15 March 2019 You have to watch this!   No writing could better explain the impact that generosity makes. It has the power to transform our perspective from, “us and them”, to just “us”. Generosity gives us purpose and, according to research, it even makes us happier people. Read Selfishly, I love what [...]

View from the Dugout #62

8 March 2019 Last week I had the privilege of attending the SA Rowing Championships at Roodeplaat Dam, just outside Pretoria. This massive event attracts passionate boys and girls and their coaches, parents and supporters from all over the country. It’s an “all-in” kind of a sport, which demands absolute dedication from all involved. As [...]

View from the Dugout #60

15 February 2019 Recently, we have been focussing on leadership in sports, something which is in line with our thrust at Hilton to up-skill and motivate our team captains. Inspired by the book “Captains Class”, this week our focus is on servant leadership. An excellent example of this type of leadership, illustrated in the book, [...]

View from the Dugout #59

8 February 2019 As mentioned, last week I introduced the notion that leadership is integral to the success of any team. In my editorial, I highlighted a book written by Sam Walker called "The Captain Class", a work that highlights the importance of captains and in particular the specific character traits that make them successful [...]