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GRADE 6 BOYS are invited to attend Hilton College's 2018 MasterClass from 6 Oct @ 1 P.M. - 7 Oct 9 A.M. 

Boys will sleep over in the Hilton College Nature Reserve

The MasterClass is free of charge and will include accommodation, meals and specialist coaching but spaces are extremely limited

All Grade 6 boys are welcome to attend. Attendance is not limited to boys applying to attend Hilton College



Everyone has a Story to Tell

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in the heart forever.”

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to put ideas into the world. Storytelling is about connecting with people and helping people to see what you see. This module introduces you to the fine art of storytelling. Through the use of games, improvisation and a variety of texts, we will work together to bring stories to life.

 Bulls & Bears

In today’s business world, share prices are dependent on much more than what is happening within a company’s four walls. Fortunes can be made or lost by the markets that a business serves, the environment that it operates in and the type of investors that it has. Try your hand in identifying companies that are doing the right thing in the right place at the right time, and we’ll help simulate what the success of these investments might be. In the process you can learn about how stock markets work and how you can get involved in saving and investment in a changing and chaotic world.

Cognition Edition

The language of mathematics enables us to decode our world and beyond.  Patterns, logic, shape and space all play a part in this cryptocurrency. Join us for some fun number crunching, mind benders, and logic puzzles that will give you a better understanding of the role that mathematics plays in our lives. You’ll leave inspired to apply Maths in new and different ways.

Life in Language

Did you know that words have weight, shape, texture and tone? What happens when we make sentences combining words rich in sensory and imaginative value? How can we use words to create new and original meanings and experiences for our minds? Join this MasterClass and learn more about reading and writing poetry and how talented and thoughtful writers have made art out of words. Practise writing your own poems using the best words and combinations in ways nobody has ever done before - because you are an original!

 Art of Music Production

Music and technology have always gone hand in hand and, with advanced computer power, the sky is now the limit as to what can be achieved. No matter what genre you listen to, the skills you will learn in this MasterClass will bring a new dimension to your enjoyment of music. You do not need to have had prior musical training to qualify for this module but you’ll need to arrive with a strong interest in sounds and rhythm.

Maestro Musicians

Talented boys with passion for music who are highly proficient in either singing and/or performing a musical instrument (i.e. grades 3-8 music level), are encouraged to apply to join this maestro MasterClass. Professional specialists who have worked with some of South Africa’s best talents will give boys expert instruction. Come learn from the masters and leave feeling inspired!    

Bonjour le Français

Half of all the countries on our African continent list French as one of their major languages. French is a lingua franca of international organisations, theatre, visual arts, dance, architecture, haute cuisine, fashion and science. Participants in this module will be introduced to a beautiful language that, when taught correctly, is fun and easy to learn. You don’t need to know any French to take part – just bring some enthusiasm and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone 

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