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Mandy Durnford – Librarian
Refiloe Nonxuba – Part-time Assistant Librarian
Kim du Plessis – Library Assistant
Library Monitors - volunteers from Forms 2 to 5 – who assist with desk duties and evening duties, and may be awarded their services ties by serving the school in this capacity

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday 7:30 - 16:30 and 18:30 - 19:30 (first prep)
Friday 7:30 - 16:00
Saturday 7:00 - 8:00 (closed if cycle test scheduled)
Sunday: 9:30-12:30

Contrary to popular opinion it is not true that all teenage boys dislike reading. However, it is true that numerous international assessments continue to indicate that boys lag behind girls in reading and that this gap tends to grow larger in adolescence. It is a whole school challenge to encourage and support boys’ reading not only to help them deal with their curricula and promote academic success but to develop empathetic, critically thinking, curious global citizens who are educated in the broadest sense.

The Raymond Slater Library

The Raymond Slater Library aims to provide a carefully selected range of books, both print and digital in 4 languages, to support a very broad range of reading abilities and interests. Most books are borrowed for 3 weeks and are renewable, boys are not required to return books for stocktaking or holidays, so books can be borrowed though out the boys Hilton career. Our catalogue is available on the intranet enabling boys to search, renew or reserve books from their devices. In addition, both Weblinks and Overdrive are integrated into the catalogue giving boys access to thousands of relevant websites and e-books within OPAC. 

A space for reading

We try to provide space for reading within the very busy school schedule, to make the library a relaxing and inviting environment and to get to know the needs of as many of our boys as possible. Tea and coffee, couches, TV news channels, digital databases, magazines, newspapers, photocopying, laminating, kindles, ipods, multiple venues, a careers corner and motivated staff are all part of our service.

Challenging the boys to read

We also challenge the boys to read with all Grade 8 boys being required to take part in the Passport to Reading Programme, the Grade 9s are involved in Reading Power and the Grade 10 boys read from the 150 List.  Senior boys read towards their IEB matric oral book selection. All boys not participating in a cultural activity have a compulsory reading period twice within our 12-day timetable cycle. 

Developing information literacy skills

Equally important is our aim to develop information literacy skills. Grade 8 boys are given Learning Journey lessons which embed research, IT and study skills. Grade 11s complete a major research project, the Extended Essay, which is a whole school undertaking and develops academic writing and research skills in preparation for the IEB matric ORTO essay and tertiary education. 

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