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  • Praveshen Iyer (HOD)
  • Tim Mills
  • Mike Werth
  • Beth Wisdom
  • Charmaine Padayachee
  • Lionel Julius
  • James Bullough
  • OJ Motsoe

Subject Info Graphics Mathematics


Vision Icon: 4 Tiers forming the Mathematics Body:
We envisage,
• Maintenance of a respected Mathematics Team of Teachers who market the school through community leadership.
• Ongoing Professional Development
• A plan for our pupils: Pupils who achieve their potential; have within them an instilled passion and enjoyment of Maths; have developed high levels of Flexible Thinking and who have successfully created opportunities for tertiary study.
• Participation in ongoing Outreach Programmes

At Hilton College, our approach is holism, without discrimination. That is, a pupil-orientated approach with pupil-participation forming an integral part of the teaching and learning process.
Excellence in education, and thus quality teaching will not be compromised.
Attention and sensitivity will be given to each learner’s needs and level of development.

General Aims of Mathematics:

  • To enable pupils to gain mathematical knowledge and proficiency.
  • To contribute to the general education of the pupils with special emphasis on developing the ability to reason logically, to generalise, to specialise, to organise, to draw analogies and to prove inductively and deductively. As a result, habits of systematic, accurate and mathematical methods of work and thought, are developed.
  • To acquaint the pupils with the role of Mathematics in their daily life, and a contemporary world.
  • To create an appreciation of the structure and continuity of the sections of the syllabus and the underlying relation between the sections.
  • To allow pupils to gain insight into, as well as develop, a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic mathematics principles which will prepare and equip them for life and further study in the fields of Mathematics, the Pure Sciences and certain of the Applied Sciences.

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