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  • Joslyn Anderson
  • Ashleigh Askew
  • Alexei du Bois
  • Nick Holtzhauzen
  • Kim Lindie
  • Graeme Roberts
  • Alex Stewart
  • Carolyn van Zuydam

General Aims:

  • To ensure that the pupil acquires the foundations of accurate and meaningful language use.
  • To promote the pupil's ability to communicate in English confidently and effectively.
  • To promote the pupil's intellectual, emotional and social development through reading, discussion and writing.
  • To extend the pupil’s ability to observe, discriminate and order his thoughts coherently.
  • To help the pupil to expand his understanding of himself, through discussion and reading, so that he may live more fully, consciously and responsibly.

English is a compulsory subject for all boys at Hilton College and the intention is to expose pupils to a range of genres and texts across the spectrum of English literature. To this end, we cover classic novels and plays as well as those which are contemporary and African in origin. It is intended that by the end of his matric year, the pupil will have a sense of the changes currents in the English language canon across time and geography. Because we believe everyone should develop the ability to think in a reasoned, judicious manner, we do not shy away from controversial texts but rather encourage boys to think critically about the voice and positions reflected by the author and then assess their positions relative to that.

Advanced Programme English is available for boys who would like to take this as an extra subject in their matric year. The course and syllabus is set by the IEB and is equivalent in rigour to the Cambridge A-level Literature Course. Tutorials are held to guide boys through the text, but it is largely through individual engagement and study that they cover the novels, plays, films and poetry schools of their choice.

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