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Headmaster's Welcome

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Dear Prospective Hilton Parent,

The task of choosing a secondary school for your son is a challenging one. Your own experience of school will play a part in this emotional rollercoaster ride, as will the many voices that you will undoubtedly hear from all those around you who are making a similar choice.  

Hilton College is, like many other schools, unique.  It has its own rhythm and its own flavour - indeed all schools do.  Hilton offers the intrigue of having stood the test of time (by South African standards) in its enduring 144 year history.  This history has resulted in a number of quirks which may seem a little odd to many, but are part and parcel of the place.
Hilton aims to be deeply traditional and refreshingly contemporary.  This necessitates much conversation among all stakeholders as to how this is achieved and celebrated.  The world has become a fast-changing place and young men of the future will need to be grounded in their person, with enduring values firmly established, such that they are in a position to embrace and conquer the challenges of the future.
At the heart of this goal is a plan for every boy who attends Hilton.  It is our endeavour to know every boy; to challenge him both individually and as a member of a team; to stretch him in his formulating his opinions and world-view; and to ensure he gives of his best consistently.  To this end, we have high expectations of each boy.  At the end of his years at Hilton College, he should be a determined, persistent and humble young man, ready to tackle the next phase of his life and equipped to make his mark in whatever he chooses to pursue.
Hilton College offers the promise of significance.  
At the gates to Hilton, the following is inscribed and it captures the heart of this place: 

“Enter these gates with humility, determined to contribute to, and to take advantage of, all that this institution offers, and depart knowing that you are well equipped to forge your future in the world.”

Please do visit us, to experience the enormous gift you would be giving your son to be schooled at Hilton College.
Yours sincerely
George Harris

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