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150th Book

150th Book

Passing through the McKenzie gates, it’s easy to be struck by the beauty and grandeur of this campus and the estate. Yet, the more one gets to know this community, the more one comes to see that Hilton College is not defined by its grounds and architecture, but by its people. For 150 years, men and women have been shaped, challenged and most importantly inspired by the opportunities, experiences, educators, friends and fellows all around them.

Hiltonians have lived and are living extraordinary lives, working in all manner of fields and industry; people who have used their imagination, and who have changed communities and the world around them for the better. Some are prominent captains of industry and sportsmen but there are many more who have created significant legacies that are not well known in the mainstreams of our society.  To honour just some of these inspiring lives we have created a 150th book.

Book specifications

Hard cover

Approximately 350 pages in full colour

330cm(l) x 275cm(w)

R1725 (incl. VAT) + delivery

All profits will go to the Hilton College Endowment Fund.

The book will be ready in early April 2022. Click here to order a copy.

Watch the video below for more about the book.

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