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  • Head of Hockey: Darryn Gallagher
  • 1st team Coach: To be confirmed
  • Number of teams: 5 Open teams, 5 U16 teams, 3 U14 teams
  • Facilities: Two Astroturf pitches,  2 mini astro fields, good grass hockey fields and a strength training gym.
  • Playing Colours: White and black
  • National Representatives:
    National Representatives:
    G.R. Shimwell (SA Schools)
    P.E.T. Turner (SA Schools)
    M. Mars (South Africa)
    S.P.S Smith (SA Schools)
    J.R. Thorpe (SA Schools)
    D.R. Turner (SA Schools - Captain)
    K.A. Johnson (SA Schools)
    C.R. Burnhill (SA Schools - Captain)
    M.R. Bruorton (SA Schools)
    M.W. Pfaff (SA Schools)
    D.B. Pfaff (South Africa)
    D.J. Jarvis (SA Schools - Captain)
    R.N Oertel (SA Schools)
    M.G. Stride (SA Schools)
    S.G. Slater (SA U21)
    T.G. Mallinson (SA Schools B)
    C.T Manqele (SA Schools)
    C. Bailey (SA Schools)
    D.P. Viney (SA Schools, SA U21, South Africa)
    G. Jones (SA U19 Academy)
    Tim Drummond (Captain SA U18A, SA U21, South African Men’s Captain)
    Matthew Fairweather (Captain SA U17A, SA U18A, SA U21, South Africa Indoor World Cup team captain)
    Ben Mbana (SA U21, South Africa)
    Nick Spooner (SA U17A, South Africa
    Gregg Drake (SA U17A, SA U18A)
    Karl Oftebro (SA U16A, SA U17A, SA U21)
    Dominique Scott (SA U16A, SA U18A, SA U21)
    Jarryd Edy (SA U18B)
    Mudiwa Llobell (SA U18B)
    Ross Talmage (SA U18B)
  • Coaches: Top Provincial / National coaches include Francois Morgan and Darryn Gallagher.
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